Planning for a vacation or a trip, everyone wants a perfect and a comfortable place to stay and enjoy your trip. Where to stay, how will that place be, etc. is something that everyone would want to know before they start their journey. Resorts are considered to be one the best place to stay specially at hill station and small places as there are many activities that you can enjoy within these amazing resorts. Resorts can give you comfortable stay with adventurous activities, pool, amazing food and many more other things. So, here we have the list of best resorts india that you think of choosing if you visit these places.

Club Mahindra, Coorg

Club Mahindra in one of the best resorts india located in Coorg. This resort can be considered if you want to enjoy the best view and enjoy the beauty of nature. There are known for great rooms and amazing service. They also have many adventurous activities to do with many indoor and outdoor games.

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Area 83, Bangalore

Area 83 is also considered to one the best resort you can visit for some amazing adventurous activities. They have amazing cottage rooms where you can wish to stay and also visit just for a day if you wish to.  This resort is based on forest theme and have amazing activities such as paint ball, fuse football, boating, indoor activities, pool and many other activities that you can go for.

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ITC Rajputana, Jaipur

ITC Rajputana situated in Jaipur, Rajasthan is also one the best resort that you can choose for an excellent royal treatment. This resort gives you the best service and has excellent rooms for a comfortable stay. There are many activities such as horse riding, folk dance, ride on hot air balloon and many different activities that you enjoy here.

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These are some of the best resorts india that you can opt for staying and having a wonderful trip that you wish to never end. These resorts are known for best rooms with excellent service and wonderful games. So, what are you waiting for, pack your bags and just go and have a great experience. We hope you have liked this blog and found it interesting and informative. Keep visiting again to know more on hotel and resorts. Stay connected and updated so that you don’t miss on the latest post. For any doubts, you van contact us by filling the contact form.

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